Natural Gas Conserves Energy Natural Gas is a Clean Burning Fuel
Natural Gas is Economical Natural Gas is Abundant in the United States

More Green Homes = Less Greenhouse

Did you know natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel?  Compared to oil and coal, it emits:

  • Virtually no sulfur
  • No solid waste
  • Far less nitrogen oxide
  • Almost 30 percent less carbon dioxide (than oil)
  • Just under 45 percent less carbon dioxide (than coal)

Every household can make a difference.  Did you know that when just one home switches their non-gas water heater to natural gas, it eliminates 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year? That’s a rhino’s worth of greenhouse gas!  

Aside from climate change associated with carbon emissions, natural gas also has a positive impact on:

  • Smog, air quality and acid rain
  • Industrial and electric generation emissions
  • Transportation related pollution – natural gas vehicles